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House Washing

​MurCo. Property Services guarantees a detailed job when performing your house wash.  Our detergent functions to rid the mold and mildew growing on your house.  We pay special attention to the soffots, trim, gutters, and front porch area while cleaning the siding of your home.  Because high-pressure is not neccessary or good for the siding, we wash with a low-pressure technique coupled with our special detergent to deliver an excellent job on your house wash.

​Concrete Washing

MurCo. Property Services offers concrete cleaning on your driveway, sidewalks, patios, etc.  We use appropriate concrete cleaning equipment to clean concrete beautifully.  Our equipment leaves no wand marks or streaking.  Your concrete is cleaned in an even, smooth manner.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how clean your concrete areas become, looking new again!  Our company will perform your driveway wash, sidewalk wash, and patio wash at very affordable prices.  When these services are added to your house wash, enjoy even more savings!

Call MurCo. Property Services today for your free estimate on concrete cleaning. 

Backyard Washing

Deck & Fence Washing

MurCo. Property Services offers cleaning services for your deck and fence.  We offer two types of deck washing:  a chlorine wash and a deck strip. 

A chlorine wash functions to rid a stained or painted deck of mold and mildew.  This type of wash is a very light wash which also cleans the deck of dirt, pollen, etc.  Chlorine washes are perfect for trex and composite decking as well.

A deck strip gets a deck ready for a clear seal or a stain to be applied.  MurCo. Property Services has washed decks for over 20 years and knows just how to wash decks to make them look their finest! 

Call MurCo. Property Services today for a free estimate on the appropriate type of washing for your deck or to schedule your fence wash. 

Roof Washing:

No-Pressure Technique

MurCo. Property Services also offers no-pressure roof washing.  This service removes unsightly roof stains and dark streaking caused by mold/mildew.  Our roof washing is completely safe for your roof's shingles and offers longevity which is shortened by mold/mildew.

We offer very affordable pricing for our roof washing service.  When you have your house washed at the same time, enjoy further discounts on your roof washing.  MurCo. Property Services offers free estimates for whole roof washing, as well as half roof washing (portion of roof visible from road). 

Call MurCo. Property Services today with any questions you have or for your free estimate on roof washing. 

Commercial and Residential Powerwashing
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